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Jayta Designs


Jayta Designs now has the products we have selling on Amazon, including thank you cards and note cards.

Smart Money Zone


Smart Money Zone is up and running. Learn how to make your money work for you.

Utah Mom Guide


Utah Mom Guide has been updated. It now has great information about fun and exciting activites for kids and families.

Sharp Crochet Hook


Sharp Crochet Hook is ready. Please visit the site for all of your crochet, stiching, and baby blanket needs.

Free Baby Magazine


We have decided to try to increase the audience of the Utah Baby Guide and go national. We have reserved www.freebabymagazine.com, the future home of Free Baby Magazine. There isn't much there yet, but it's coming soon.

Another Blog


My wife also decided to try a blog, The Sweet Mom.



I decided to try a real blog, we'll see how it goes :). I also set up a Technorati profile.

Utah Baby Guide Magazine


Our new magaine is getting more popular. We're getting lots of downloads and lost of people linking to us. Utah Baby Guide Magazine. Come see the magazine and see who else is linking to us.

Utah Baby Guide


The first issue of the Utah Baby Guide magazine is now available. Please visit the website to download your free copy of the February 2008 issue.

Blue Z Solutions


We are also starting to see more links to our company web site Blue Z Solutions. This is much slower going than the Utah Baby Fair links, but it is coming along.

Baby Names


As part of the Utah Baby Guide we have added a few tools to help people pick baby names. So far you can See how popular a baby name has been. This page shows the number of babies with the selcted name as well as a graph. We also have a page where you can lookup baby name meanings and there origin. The third page lets you look at the most popular and least popular baby names each year. Please check them out and let us know if you have any suggestions for other cool pages.

Free Books


We've started added free books to the Utah Baby Guide. To start with we are going to be posting fairy tales, the first set are tales from Hans Christian Andersen. We hope to add other books soon, and branch out into areas other than fairy tales.

Utah Baby Guide Magazine


To go along with the articles that we put together on the Utah Baby Fair site, We are also putting together a free digital magazine the Utah Baby Guide. It will have articles information and also some special offers. And did we mention it is free!

Utah Baby Guide


While we are waiting for the next Utah Baby Fair to come along, we have decided to put together some information for helping new parents. The Utah Baby Guide is where we have started to place some of the articles that we have put together. Check it out. We hope to have more articles and maybe some other cool things coming soon. Stay Tuned!

Utah Baby Fair Popularity


The Utah Baby Fair is getting more popularity than we could have ever hoped for. We have tried to put together a page of some of the places that we have seen people linking to the Utah Baby Fair web site. If you would like to see some of them, follow the link.